Why Join Us?

Why join Wisbech Lions Club?

Joining any community and volunteer organisation brings benefits as diverse as the people in the community! Some want to give back to the world, some want something constructive to do with their spare time, others want to connect with people in their community.

Admission of new members – Eligibility

Membership of the Club is open to any person over 18 years of age of good moral character and good reputation in his or her community. We also believe that people can be rehabilitated and will take each applicant on merit. The person will be interested in furthering the Club’s purposes and, having been invited to join, will have indicated his or her agreement to become a member, and acceptance of the duty of members to the public and fellow members.

The best way to show why (and who) joins the Wisbech Lions is to let you read the views of some members.  This is not representative of everyone, but maybe you will see common ground in your own needs and will consider joining the Wisbech Lions Club, part of the worlds largest service organisation.

 “Being retired we wanted to make new friends and utilise our work skills. We had plenty to do with a new home but felt we could give something back to the community. Wisbech Lions proved to be just the ticket. We found we could be involved as much, or as little as we liked but realised the importance of being members of a great team of diverse people. When we experienced the hands on volunteer activities we both wanted to learn more and progress in the Club. There are many opportunities to lead and no pressure to move beyond personal comfort zones. Being members of the club stimulates the old grey matter and helps us staying alert.

“We joined and have not looked back. We love the friendliness, the ease in which we were welcomed and the great projects we have worked on. We belong! We highly recommend it and we are in our 80s!”

“We are local people and very passionate about our community. We love the ways we raise funds that go to local people or good causes. We pay to be members and also pay our admin costs so people in need get all money raised. A few years ago we were part of a fundraising project to help a young girl get a new prosthetic arm. That was an emotional time when our Santa gave her the present she wanted most – a promise of a new arm. We have a number of members who lost their loved ones and they say it has been comforting to know they have friends and support in the club. Our biggest high is when our Santa goes out at Christmas. It is worth being a member to see the joy we bring through the year and to see those who benefit from our efforts”

We could go on, but you get the idea.  We are a like minded group who joined because it suited our personal needs, alongside the desire to give service in our community. This is not selfish, it is entirely normal. The fact that someone else will benefit from our efforts may not be our only personal goal, but the truth is those who are less well off will  benefit from our involvement.

So join us. We don’t bite, honestly! Contact our Membership Chair, Lion Marilyn Batrick for more information.

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It’s a win, win. You win and the community wins.

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