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Friends of Wisbech Lions Club (a Private Group) – Everyone needs a friend

Wisbech Lions Club has 25 club members aged between 24 and a lot more senior! We often have several community projects running at any one time.  We fundraise, so we can help local people or causes in need.  We raise awareness of Diabetes, Hunger, Vision, Childhood Cancer and Environment.  We have fun together while volunteering and enjoy social times too.  We often find ourselves spread thinly on the ground.  Some of us still work, and free time is often at a premium!  Some of us are older and less able to assist with certain tasks.  All of us are enthusiastic and committed, but with the best will in the world, we can’t be everywhere, all the time.  With help we could do more service.

Our ‘Friends’ are not LIONS CLUB members but they are local people (and some not so local) who like to contribute their time or skills on odd occasions, whilst being unable to commit on a regular basis. On 1st July 2022 we have 516 friends.

Like all friends, they are very valuable.
Like all friends, they are generous when they can be, of their time and skills.
Like all friends, we understand that sometimes they cannot help on particular occasions.
But like friends, there are usually one or two who can pitch in and help…  And, like all friends, we would be lost without them.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, cannot commit to being a LIONS CLUB member because of family, work, or other commitments BUT you are willing to lend a hand every so often.  Just a few hours during different times of the year to help deliver Easter Eggs, set up or take down a stall after activities, run round the streets with Santa – that sort of thing can be valuable.   No committees or meetings, just good intention, some muscle or skill and sense of fun.

If this is you, and you would like to help, just contact us using the link below.  Let us know what you can do to help.  If you think that you have no particular skill or ability then don’t worry, we can find a way for any willing person to be able to help in some way.  Remember you will gain too!

We have lots of activities/jobs/tasks/projects for all types of people to help with. You can be young, older, working, retired, bored, clever, smart, loud, quiet, witty, or whatever.  Being willing is most important! 

There are many personal benefits from being a Friend of Wisbech Lions. 

Being a ‘Friend of Wisbech Lions Club’ does not commit you to becoming a Club member but we are pleased that many of our ‘friends’ have recently joined our club.

To support our community, we need the support of our community.

If you can help with your time, skills or even donations please get in touch and get involved.

We are Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission, Registration No 1173380.  We raise funds locally to disperse locally. 

Fancy getting involved?

Get in touch

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