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How to apply for help from Wisbech Lions Club (CIO)

  1. Your applications should be made in writing, either on paper or electronically by email to the contacts given at the end of this note.  There is no specific form for an application to follow, but it will help the Club to consider your application if the points below, where appropriate, are addressed in your application. 

     2. Your application should provide as much information as possible to allow the Club to assess its merits and ensure that any grant made will conform to the charitable objects of the Club.  Examples of areas that the Club have supported in the past are: 
  • Local charities – youth groups, groups working with the elderly, residential and nursing homes, individual appeals;
  • Youth and children’s organisations – sport related groups or individuals, scouting and guiding, youth club activities, young people undertaking overseas assignments;
  • Community facilities – relief of hardship for vulnerable individuals and families, local projects, community group initiatives, betterment of the local environment;
  • Health and disability support – to encourage healthier lifestyles and support people with disabilities and other life-affecting or limiting conditions.

3. Your application should: 

  • Identify the intended beneficiary of the grant;
  • State the purpose of the application and how the grant will be used, and if part of a larger project, details of the project and how the grant will be managed effectively for its intended purpose;
  • Show, if relevant, that the recipient (whether an organisation or an individual) has and will be adequately insured both in relation to any equipment and facilities purchased by the grant; also in relation to any risk of injury by reason of the project or purpose for which the grant is awarded;
  • Confirm that any equipment purchased with the grant will be owned and will remain the property of the beneficiary (whether an organisation or an individual);
  • Include, to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations, your assurance that any person identified in the application (whether the applicant, the beneficiary or any other person) has given their consent to their personal data being used in the processing and review of the application.  This includes transfer to, and use by, such individuals and organisations as the Club may require in order to consider the application;
  • Confirm, if it is the case, that the applicant, the beneficiary or any other person identified in the application has given their consent for the Club to use their personal data, including photographs, for publicity purposes, whether on-line, in print or otherwise.  In the case of minor’s a parent or legal guardian’s consent should be provided.

4. The Club may seek further information or clarification from you about your application and will aim to let you know the outcome of your application within 3 months of receipt.  If your application is successful, the Club will provide a receipt with the cheque for the grant which must be completed and returned to the Club Treasurer using the SAE provided as soon as possible.
5. The Club monitors all grants made.  Where the grant is for an extended period or project, applicants are expected to provide, if requested by the Club, a progress report detailing how the grant has been applied.  This may be in writing or by a visit to the Club to provide a personal report.  

6. Applicants should note that the Club often receives more applications than it has funds to support.  So even if an application fits with the criteria and priorities of the Club, the Club may still be unable to provide a grant.  

7. Completed applications should be either:

  1. sent by email to
  2. given by hand, in writing, to any member of the Wisbech Lions Club; or
  3. posted to the address given for the Club on the Charity Commission website.

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